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December 16, 2005


Call me a lazy sod! I may have bollocked both the Olympics and the hosting company where I work now and pulled the plug on that arsehole Yank' comments about Mother England not beein good enough to win the Cup, but it's no bloody reason to have me sacked!

And just because the Yanks are exceptional at everything they do -- from bloody ski jumpin' where they spanked me like an ugly Fergie child, to golf, where they win the bleedin' Brit Open every year -- there's no reason to think that they'll win in footy. After all, anyone playin' footy in Yank-land is a wankah, so they don't even get the best athletes!

I'm gonna hoist up the Jolly Roger for Cup footy, and shave me head and start punchin' any "Jerry" I see at the games in Germany! And if any Yank tries to tell me how they're bettah, or if it wasn't for them, we'd be speakin' German, he's gonna be in big Barney with me!

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