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August 07, 2006


David, you're using your words to describe Emma's driving, and then your words to describe your own. I think the real question is - what words would Emma use to describe your driving?

I drive like Emma. Anu drives like you. My single-mindedness also "winds" Anu up a bit, though I will admit that his (sometimes) lack of anticipation drives me bonkers! Like waiting until the last minute to get into the lane he knows he needs to be in... or his natural ability to lose a parked car.

I'm sure there's a much deeper analysis and correlation here but I'm too tired to make one right now.

I expect a response from Anu to follow shortly. :)

Having experienced both protagonists driving, I concur. But I note that David has neglected to mention his personal habit of occassionally diving backwards into a strange bush.

I refute that allegation. I was actually driving forwards very quickly around a roundabout in the rain and ended up backwards in a bush. And it was more of a small tree really.

Both Emma and Anu seem awfully quiet!

I remember you borrowed my car several years ago and got a ticket for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Does this mean you like to follow your own rules? Are you a James Dean character? Or simply retarded? :)

I believe the ticket was actually for parking facing the wrong direction - one of the most ludicrous offences known to modern society. I refuse to accept that as grounds for bad driving!

No speeding fines, no parking tickets, no moving violations - though a cop tried to pin one on me and I showed him in court, well I showed UP in court ready to launch a hostile defence, he didn't show up, justice prevailed. Yes, I can make late manouvers but that is because I am allowing for idiots passing me in slower lanes whilst I am signalling to pull off. I also have an annoying habit of keeping my distance. That irritates 'someone' when people then pull in front of me to fill the space and I drop back. I will admit that my worst habit is coming to rather screeching halts at 'just about to turn red' traffic lights rather than speeding up to go through an amber. Especially since I would whizz through when solo. I am also directionally challenged.
So what does it all mean? Sticks to the rules, bit boring, more reckless when alone, leaves things to the last minute, thoughtful but linear. And I would contend that we change through the years. Suffice to say I was a speedster extraordinaire in my little Citroen GT.

Excellent use of the word 'cop', Anu. Very 'street'! And to discribe one's driving/lifestyle as "thoughtful but linear" illustrates a great mastery of the English language - even if I haven't a clue what it means!

I'm more interested in his comment about 'signalling to pull off.'


I always warn fellow road goers when attempting such a tricky maneuver (manoeuvre - sorry about prev spelling - caught in Transatlantia). I find it easier than pulling off to signal :)

I still remember a certain Mr D McCulloch who used drive a lot in London and never had a problem finding a parking spot for his Mazda MX-5. He adopted a technique of parking by sound and touch - not by using fancy reversing sensors. Just by finding a spot roughly the right size for his car and nudging the adjacent cars to make his car fit. I am sure it must be different Mr D McCulloch and not this fine upstanding member of the community. Apologies in advance.

Well, honestly. Why else would they call fenders 'bumpers' in the UK?

There was the other time the same Mr D McCulloch got banned from driving. Well actually it was a karting circuit, but it was quite impressive how much speed he picked up in his slingshot manoeuvre off the final bend. Unfortunately he completely lost control and was led from the track by the race marshalls. I think i have more of these stories....

Oh come on, you can't call that a ban! It was the last lap anyway, and I wasn in no fit state to drive anyway after the morning of drinking that preced....oh never mind.

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