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September 16, 2006


You have to go the whole hog....Steph and I checked out this place - drive thru!


FYI - you can rent a castle for a day in Tuscany for under $2000.

And what about that loch you own in Scotland?


Or not

Okay, I'm not obsessed by your impending nuptials but have done a bit of research. That site you referred to is the only one that quotes 15 days residency. Every other says 7 days residency and then at least 15 dyas before you can get married. i.e. you live somewhere for seven days (over Xmas maybe) does not have to be the same place, you both register. 15 days later (and for up to 12 months) you can get married.

Angela Jones, Vice Consul at the British Consulate was really helpful to us. Below is the clearest info I found - the GRO, US Embassy and BritUSA sites were all more vague.


You've only got yourself to blame! You're the one who proposed!

Thanks for the tips, Anu. British Consulate was my next planned stop. We'll see where it all ends up!

As you for you, Poddy...the counsel for the defence presents Zia and Anoushka as evidence that you did not get off scott free m'lud.

I, like Anu, deny any obsession to your impending wedding plans. I also consider this decision to be intensly personal. With those two disclaimers out of the way, I urge you to elope. Spend the money on a fantastic trip, or put it into your mortgage. The day is meant for you to be with each other anyway.

We'd happily go to Reno for your wedding (unless you plan to truly elope just the two of you!).

You bet we were planning on taking you to Reno with us. Anu's already been measured up for his white jump suit!

I think wedding lists are a useful copout for those of your guests that lack imagination... most of the time they read like the a tupperware catalogue. I'll ignore it anyway. But thanks for the scorpion idea.

Easy solution on wedding list..it goes something like this:

99 x $5
50 x $10
20 x $20
20 x $50
20 x $100

You'll notice that Steph and I have already got you one of the first items. Actually in case you didn't know, there are places you can register for your guests to contribute to your honeymoon:

OK, if you're going to get a Scorpion, please get one with red stripes. At least it will go with the decor in the study.

And, yes, Anu, I meant to say thanks for the five dollar bill I mysteriously found stuffed in my back pocket after visiting you last weekend. I should have realised it was an engagement gift!

No, that was for chauffeurring Sabina - pictures to come on the blog.

Might I also suggest www.herecomestheguide.com for excellent venue info throughout the US and particularly in Northern Cal.

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