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September 05, 2006


Oh, that's what you wanted! To each other?

Wooohoo! Stag do. So when should I book my holiday for?

Congratulations to the pair of you mate - about time you pulled your finger out! Now, answer your bloomin email!

Stag Do probably in February next year...location TBD...you fancy Vegas, chaps? Or maybe New York? Or even LA? Or Amsterdam?

Yes. We do. All of the above.

Oh please don't have the bloody weddin' in Slough or Sheffield! Too much effort to crash it and try and mingle with the guests, i.e., "Who is that cheeky-boy?"

Glad you bleedin' got off your arse and are going to make her an honest woman!

Just make sure you don't get bloody locked in a broken elevator on the way to your ceremony.


P.S. on your bachie party, you're required to hoist up the Jolly Roger and throw down some Pints. Your last chance to do so. Once you get the Emma Peel (naggin') ball-and-chain attached to your leg, you'll be goin' to the bloody Pottery Barn and pickin' out swatches for the furniture, instead of watchin' footy or tossin' one back.

Actually boys that was one of the conditions! No stag do!

Just joking...I have no control...that was the only condition from HIM...I didn't get a say in what he does...I just have to marry him, cook, clean, watch footy, accompany him to the European Championships, service his needs, etc.! Cool deal hey.

I was going to suggest somewhere cultural. I've heard Madrid has plenty of museums and art galleries. Is that ok, emma?

I suggested Salt Lake City, Utah. They're all mormons; don't drink, don't gamble, don't do drugs, don't do coffee, no strip clubs - perfect!

There's plenty of booze and skiing and "clubs" in SLC. Pffffffffffffffttt! TWO TIMES. David's just a poofta when it comes to Pints.

Contact me at Yahoo, Ms. Peel, and I'll forward you the nice note we received from Margaret Giff -- I sent her a link to David's vid.

Please arrange the stag do early February if it works... Anu will be mortified if he misses the bachelor party, but with Mini #2 set to arrive March 5 you never know!

James - send me your yahoo email address...mine is [email protected]

Steph - my UK chums seem to have taken stag party arrangements into their own hands. They're insisting on taking over Vegas for at least a week. However, February seems to leave some time to recover, so that sounds like a good option!

Steph - do they induce babies in the US if they're over two weeks late? It just that I know that I wasn't so much as allowed to the chip shop on my own in the month before my second was born.

Ps. Emma. I don't know where Dave's got this Vegas idea from. I suggested a quiet small town, in the middle of the countryside, miles from anywhere.

Well, Vegas isn't too far away and Anu can always catch a quick flight home to the hospital if need be.

I'll be keeping Steph company!

Great reading Dave early on Saturday morning after a few hectic days in L'ham.
Sorry that Corrie and I caused quite a few head aches. You should take your tent to Las Vegas. Will treat you both to a well deserved "fish and chips" dinner. Lots of love for both of you.

Congratulations! Just heard about it. News is a bit slow to reach down under.

You know, New Zealand would be a good place for a stag do or honeymoon... you could fit in a few islands on your way...

Hope all is well! Congrats again!

Great to hear from you Thomas! Excellent thinking on New Zealand for a stag. Current plan is to start the stag in Europe, but you know how these things can get out of hand...leave a light on for us!

Many congrats.

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