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August 08, 2007


PR People... How would we live without them?

Very good, but I would have chopped down your first paragraph if you'd been my AE :-)

Fair point, Matt. That first paragraph does have a slightly awkward cadence.

Poddy - you love it. You know you do.

Footy update - Posh Makes Becky Play So She Can Shop and Spend His Quid

Becky finally played and bent a couple in last night’s 3rd Division match by Los Angeles. Responding to his wife’s demand for more Quid so that she could continue shopping for expensive items in LA, Becky actually played in a match and scored a goal and had an assist.

Meanwhile, outside of the 5,000 fans who attended the match, the rest of the U.S. collectively yawned and went back to concentrating on upcoming NFL pre-season games, the baseball pennant races and the Little League World Series (which will draw more fans than any 10 footy matches in the States!).

You are TOO funny. I love that you call it a global survey, which, technically, it is... but isn't that stretching it a tad?

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