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March 18, 2009


If you hate this reduction in content generation, I assume you're abandoning your twatter account then?

Facebook is boring and I rarely use it...the fact that they f*ck about with the format drives me crazy too....I think of it as an extending contacts list...

I think that the death of some blogs is no bad thing...too many people saw it as an opportunity to live out their dream of being a writer, only to find that, well, they couldn't write... The good ones will survive and get stronger, forming bigger and better communities around them (hello 'Dooce') and the blogs such as your own that are a way to keep in touch with extended family and friends will also survive (as long as you keep writing them)...the rest, well....see above.

From a PR point of view, I think that the consolidation of blogging is a good thing - there'll still be online conversations going on and they'll be great conversations amongst dedicated, opinionated individuals...the challange is going to be how you interact and get involved in the conversations (which it has always been eh?). So....nothing really changes, it just becomes a case of the 'targeting' (a word I hate, but let's be professional) being a bit easier to plan.

Now - back to booze, footie and babies etc.... :-)

I love facebook.
How else would I be able to see how Emma is looking these days (gorgeous)?
How would I be able to find all my friends from high school and see photos of their wives/husbands/kids?
And it never replaces my blogging activity.

Okay...so what I really meant was "I wish more of my friends had blogs, because they're a talented bunch of writers and I'd like to know what they've been up to recently....and I blame Facebook for some of them giving up their blogs in the first place.

Oh, and Poddy, I only Twitter for work...which is why you keeping hearing about that large networking company I work for, IF you happen to follow me on Twitter at all. ;-)

As for the PR debate, Matt, my worry is that free media (aka blogging) is cannibalising media (just as Facebook is killing blogging) and if we all allow paid-for media to die, then the only person still reporting world news will be Perez Hilton (except for the BBC, obviously - hoorah for the TV License!)

I came back to this blog entry of yours because after being a die hard facebook fan, I feel only in the past couple of days that I'm getting fatigued of it. I felt it only fair for me to return and confess.

You know...that's what happened to me. One day, I was "ooh...some more old friends to connect with"....and the next: "Wait a minute, I had them in my address book anyway...and never called them then either."

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