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February 15, 2010


We went through an agency the first time we needed someone who wasn't family...must admit, I didn't give it too much thought (can't remember what the evening out we had was now though, so maybe I fretted all night and just blanked it out of my mind afterwards)...now we have a couple of babysitters, one of whom Fin loves so much he even lets her put him to bed, which is a big sign of trust as far as I am concerned, as no one else is allowed to do that (but only after he's beaten her and her boyfriend at Mario Kart on the Wii). It alsio means we don't have the mad rush to get him in bed and asleep before we go out...which means we go out earlier and more relaxed...win, win (apart from the £9 an hour fee, where there's only one winner...)

Hope you had a great 'date' and look forward to seeing you soon.

Fascinating that 9 quid is almost exactly the same as the 15 bucks we paid per hour, and seemingly the same as everyone everywhere pays for a babysitter (unless it's their 12 year-old neighbor). I suspect that a global cartel has a stranglehold on the babysitting market!

I remember when pregnant with the now 6yr (going on 16!) old daughter, and moving to a new area, looking into agencies and suchlike for babysitting .... 6yrs later, and I still haven't been "brave" enough to venture outside of one close friend and parents ... so congratulations!

Thanks Zoe. Now I feel positively reckless!

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