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February 21, 2010


Hi David and Em,

Totally agree on all the medical comments. I've had enough knee surgeries to have experienced everything you mentioned (short of the life threatenting end of it). We do need health insurance but we also need a revanp of the tort laws in this country so that frivolous lawsuits don't affect a Dr's malpractice insurance which then requires them to get consent for every possible scenario in the world. Once, I had to sign two consent forms for one proceedure - one clean up and lateral release on my lateral side of my left knee and another so my Dr could check on the medial side that had gotten all the previous surgeries - one surgery, one set of artho-holes and incision, two consent forms. stupid...

As for patient empowerment, a little knowledge can be a very bad thing for most of the general public. However, there is no replacement for knowing your body and using some common sense.

I am sooooooo glad Em is doing so much better and is home...


Ann - I couldn't agree more on the "knowing your body" point. I'm pretty sure my dad would have lived longer if he could just have explained how he was feeling. Knowing that people (especially in California) DO tend to take good care of themselves made it all the more frustrating to see people taking up an ER bed without any concern for whether they really needed to be there!


First, I'm so glad Emma is home now and recovering. You both are very lucky to have each other and your loving family and friends, which, after going through something similar, I now know are the most important things in life.

Second, I whole heartedly agree with all of your thoughts above, especially number six, that medicine is not exact. In fact, medicine is an educated process of elimination. Forgive my rant, but when I was experiencing unbelievable pain, it took three doctors 10 weeks and five tests to finally figure out what it was, followed by surgery and the removal of an organ (from which I'm still recovering eight months later).

Third, with every experience like this, you learn more about yourself and your life priorities, and like you said, you learn how truly lucky you are.

Take good care of yourself, your beautiful wife and precious son.
Katie xoxo

Thank you, Katie. It's a little sad, to say the least, that we have to go through pain to recognize the value of what we have, but I guess it's not a terrible thing to be reminded about the GOOD things in life, one way or another.

I just sent you a have fun in hawaii text message and email. I should have checked this first. Ignore me :(

I hope you are all doing better, and if there's anything AT ALL I can do next week please let me know.


Phew. We missed a lot. Can't wait to catch up in person.

It certainly hasn't been a quiet couple of weeks, Dushka. Then again, I have a feeling you'll have a few adventure stories to tell when we next get together too!

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