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November 01, 2010


Well, fancy that ... everyone coming out to celebrate our arrival in SF on Wednesday ;) Or have we magically planned it, so that we're arriving for the celebrations ... !!

Victory parade is at 11am, Zoe...but I'm sure there'll still be some black and orange celebrating going on later in the day!

David, you're going native. Step away from the Baseball - it's just rounders for blokes that takes forever and no-one really knows what the chuff is going on (I'd link to the film Poddy and I made when we went to see the Giants if I could find it)...

As I type, CAFC have just gone 2-0 up vs Swindon...now, there's a sport...

Matt - bear in mind the sports I have to chose from include: football of a standard that would be embarrassing for Dover fans to watch; American football which involves incredibly overweight men bumping into each other while one skinny man avoids getting killed; basketball (a great sport, but it would involve traveling to Oakland after dark) or baseball, which has a nice stadium, conveniently located by the train station, and a wide selection of snacks and beverages delivered to your seat....a fairly straightforward choice, I think you would agree!

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