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March 20, 2011


As a girl from the 70's I have slightly different memories ....

Lego ... of course, a total given, but I liked to build houses and have total towns with stories (daughter now does this with abandon, although we've just bought her the train set ... woo hoo .. to the remote control, level crossing and station)

Subbuteo .. I remember it, a boy friend (note the big space between the 2 words, I was way way too young for that joiner) ... had a Subbuteo set, I remember hours of flicking

Marbles ... I still have my marbles (yes, yes), no, seriously, I do .. they are preserved in a jar :)

Conkers, do you remember conkers? I know, technically doesn't fit into "toy" category, but we did spend hours gathering, drying and bashing :)

Apart from that, as a girl ... well, I had "Pippa" dolls, and then "Sindy" dolls, I was not a "Barbie" girl (probably too expensive ?)

And above all else ... my father bought me a farm, complete with horses and fences .... that was my absolute favourite :)

So, are you trying to infer you are YOUNGER or OLDER than me with your "girl from the 70s" crack!?

Of COURSE I remember conkers...the pilgrimage down Whitfield Hill where all the horse chestnut trees were...the application of nail varnish (shh...don't tell anyone)...it was a rite of passage!

Good point about dolls...not that I played with dolls, obviously, but I did have Action Man! My favorite was the old-fashioned diver's outfit Action Man. Classic.

I bet you Luca would play Subbuteo with you for an entire weekend.

Marbles! Skaletrix! Lego! ahhhh. Can I borrow yours (garage) for Ivan when William has had enough?!

Dushka - that is actually not a bad idea for a weekend! I will look for an Inter team on eBay for Luca!

Ella - once William is done with the CURRENT set-up, the garage will be getting transformed into something even more amazing! Of course, Ivan is always welcome to visit!

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