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June 27, 2011


Love it.

How my life would have been different and not nearly as fulfilling and happy if you'd not arrived on that plane. But you're wrong about #8, and #4 -he's already saying it! and I am happy that we're staying put for now.

So sweet and so funny (and so nice to read positive things about being Americay-an)! Loved every word.

Nice read, funny and some lovely memorys

Did I fail to mention that SF snakes are particularly good at hiding?

Missed you at Glastonbury this year (I wasn't there either, baby number two arrived the week before) - 2013?

Great read, BTW.

You'd still have that hair if you could!

10 years there and no mention of the mecca that is Vegas?? Good gracious man - pull yourself together and sort your priorities out.

(I'm still waiting for you to come home so that I can have a friend to go out to play with).

Lovely read.

Matt. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Bruce. See you at Glasto in 2013. I'm going to start negotiating soon to make it William's first Glastonbury!

Emma. Please discipline our son every time he says waaah-duh!!!

Thanks all for the kind comments, and Ian for the unkind one.

If baby #2 is a girl and you want to pay for me and her to go to a glorious spa for the week (or just my parents house) then Glasto 2013 is on! However, the list of "don'ts" for Glasto will be longer for William than any list I could ever possibly write for you - honey-bun! ;-)

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