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August 21, 2011


All so true, especially #5 (and I'd write more about how awesome and spot-on this is if I didn't have to go put the sliding screen door - now with 2 new holes - back on its tracks and convince Ben to get down off the patio wall lest he break something valuable - such as his neck - tumbling off). And we will get to do all this again in less than 2.5 years!

My mom's husband used to take me shopping on a leash. He claims to this day that watching me move at the age of 4 was the equivalent of watching a movie on fast forward. So if I come visit and see William on a leash I won't judge you.

Corbie - Obviously, I share your pain. But if any good has come from the two new holes in your screen, it is that you have reminded me to move those framed pictures I left lying on the study chair to a greater height in anticipation of more exploring from William tomorrow.

Dushka - I haven't put William on a leash YET and, as he has damaged relatively little today, (just one library book, moderately creased) I'll let him have his freedom for a few more days!

Met a mum today with an 8-week-old and a two-year-old. She said the infant was no trouble, it was the toddler that had her pulling her hair out. Maybe Dylan will be an only child afterall ...  

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